SpeexHeader: Makes it easy to write/parse an Ogg/Speex header


struct  SpeexHeader




void speex_init_header (SpeexHeader *header, int rate, int nb_channels, const struct SpeexMode *m)
char * speex_header_to_packet (SpeexHeader *header, int *size)
SpeexHeaderspeex_packet_to_header (char *packet, int size)

Detailed Description

This is the Speex header for the Ogg encapsulation. You don't need that if you just use RTP.

Define Documentation


Length of the Speex header identifier


Maximum number of characters for encoding the Speex version number in the header

Function Documentation

char* speex_header_to_packet ( SpeexHeader header,
int *  size 

Creates the header packet from the header itself (mostly involves endianness conversion)

void speex_init_header ( SpeexHeader header,
int  rate,
int  nb_channels,
const struct SpeexMode m 

Initializes a SpeexHeader using basic information

SpeexHeader* speex_packet_to_header ( char *  packet,
int  size 

Creates a SpeexHeader from a packet

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