SpeexHeader Struct Reference
[SpeexHeader: Makes it easy to write/parse an Ogg/Speex header]

#include <speex_header.h>

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Public Attributes

char speex_string [SPEEX_HEADER_STRING_LENGTH]
char speex_version [SPEEX_HEADER_VERSION_LENGTH]
spx_int32_t speex_version_id
spx_int32_t header_size
spx_int32_t rate
spx_int32_t mode
spx_int32_t mode_bitstream_version
spx_int32_t nb_channels
spx_int32_t bitrate
spx_int32_t frame_size
spx_int32_t vbr
spx_int32_t frames_per_packet
spx_int32_t extra_headers
spx_int32_t reserved1
spx_int32_t reserved2

Detailed Description

Speex header info for file-based formats

Member Data Documentation

char SpeexHeader::speex_string[SPEEX_HEADER_STRING_LENGTH]

Identifies a Speex bit-stream, always set to "Speex "

char SpeexHeader::speex_version[SPEEX_HEADER_VERSION_LENGTH]

Speex version

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::speex_version_id

Version for Speex (for checking compatibility)

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::header_size

Total size of the header ( sizeof(SpeexHeader) )

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::rate

Sampling rate used

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::mode

Mode used (0 for narrowband, 1 for wideband)

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::mode_bitstream_version

Version ID of the bit-stream

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::nb_channels

Number of channels encoded

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::bitrate

Bit-rate used

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::frame_size

Size of frames

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::vbr

1 for a VBR encoding, 0 otherwise

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::frames_per_packet

Number of frames stored per Ogg packet

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::extra_headers

Number of additional headers after the comments

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::reserved1

Reserved for future use, must be zero

spx_int32_t SpeexHeader::reserved2

Reserved for future use, must be zero

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