SpeexMode Struct Reference
[Speex encoder and decoder]

#include <speex.h>

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Public Attributes

const void * mode
mode_query_func query
const char * modeName
int modeID
int bitstream_version
encoder_init_func enc_init
encoder_destroy_func enc_destroy
encode_func enc
decoder_init_func dec_init
decoder_destroy_func dec_destroy
decode_func dec
encoder_ctl_func enc_ctl
decoder_ctl_func dec_ctl

Detailed Description

Struct defining a Speex mode

Member Data Documentation

const void* SpeexMode::mode

Pointer to the low-level mode data

mode_query_func SpeexMode::query

Pointer to the mode query function

const char* SpeexMode::modeName

The name of the mode (you should not rely on this to identify the mode)

int SpeexMode::modeID

ID of the mode

int SpeexMode::bitstream_version

Version number of the bitstream (incremented every time we break bitstream compatibility

encoder_init_func SpeexMode::enc_init

Pointer to encoder initialization function

encoder_destroy_func SpeexMode::enc_destroy

Pointer to encoder destruction function

encode_func SpeexMode::enc

Pointer to frame encoding function

decoder_init_func SpeexMode::dec_init

Pointer to decoder initialization function

decoder_destroy_func SpeexMode::dec_destroy

Pointer to decoder destruction function

decode_func SpeexMode::dec

Pointer to frame decoding function

encoder_ctl_func SpeexMode::enc_ctl

ioctl-like requests for encoder

decoder_ctl_func SpeexMode::dec_ctl

ioctl-like requests for decoder

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