Speex File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
speex.h [code]Describes the different modes of the codec
speex_bits.h [code]Handles bit packing/unpacking
speex_callbacks.h [code]Describes callback handling and in-band signalling
speex_echo.h [code]Echo cancellation
speex_header.h [code]Describes the Speex header
speex_jitter.h [code]Adaptive jitter buffer for Speex
speex_preprocess.h [code]Speex preprocessor. The preprocess can do noise suppression, residual echo suppression (after using the echo canceller), automatic gain control (AGC) and voice activity detection (VAD)
speex_resampler.h [code]
speex_stereo.h [code]Describes the handling for intensity stereo
speex_types.h [code]Speex types

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