speex_echo.h File Reference

Echo cancellation. More...

#include "speex/speex_types.h"

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typedef SpeexEchoState_ SpeexEchoState


SpeexEchoStatespeex_echo_state_init (int frame_size, int filter_length)
void speex_echo_state_destroy (SpeexEchoState *st)
void speex_echo_cancellation (SpeexEchoState *st, const spx_int16_t *rec, const spx_int16_t *play, spx_int16_t *out)
void speex_echo_cancel (SpeexEchoState *st, const spx_int16_t *rec, const spx_int16_t *play, spx_int16_t *out, spx_int32_t *Yout)
void speex_echo_capture (SpeexEchoState *st, const spx_int16_t *rec, spx_int16_t *out)
void speex_echo_playback (SpeexEchoState *st, const spx_int16_t *play)
void speex_echo_state_reset (SpeexEchoState *st)
int speex_echo_ctl (SpeexEchoState *st, int request, void *ptr)

Detailed Description

Echo cancellation.

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