speex_bits.h File Reference

Handles bit packing/unpacking. More...

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struct  SpeexBits


void speex_bits_init (SpeexBits *bits)
void speex_bits_init_buffer (SpeexBits *bits, void *buff, int buf_size)
void speex_bits_set_bit_buffer (SpeexBits *bits, void *buff, int buf_size)
void speex_bits_destroy (SpeexBits *bits)
void speex_bits_reset (SpeexBits *bits)
void speex_bits_rewind (SpeexBits *bits)
void speex_bits_read_from (SpeexBits *bits, char *bytes, int len)
void speex_bits_read_whole_bytes (SpeexBits *bits, char *bytes, int len)
int speex_bits_write (SpeexBits *bits, char *bytes, int max_len)
int speex_bits_write_whole_bytes (SpeexBits *bits, char *bytes, int max_len)
void speex_bits_pack (SpeexBits *bits, int data, int nbBits)
int speex_bits_unpack_signed (SpeexBits *bits, int nbBits)
unsigned int speex_bits_unpack_unsigned (SpeexBits *bits, int nbBits)
int speex_bits_nbytes (SpeexBits *bits)
unsigned int speex_bits_peek_unsigned (SpeexBits *bits, int nbBits)
int speex_bits_peek (SpeexBits *bits)
void speex_bits_advance (SpeexBits *bits, int n)
int speex_bits_remaining (SpeexBits *bits)
void speex_bits_insert_terminator (SpeexBits *bits)

Detailed Description

Handles bit packing/unpacking.

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