SpeexStereoState Struct Reference
[SpeexStereoState: Handling Speex stereo files]

#include <speex_stereo.h>

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Public Attributes

float balance
float e_ratio
float smooth_left
float smooth_right
float reserved1
float reserved2

Detailed Description

State used for decoding (intensity) stereo information

Member Data Documentation

float SpeexStereoState::balance

Left/right balance info

float SpeexStereoState::e_ratio

Ratio of energies: E(left+right)/[E(left)+E(right)]

float SpeexStereoState::smooth_left

Smoothed left channel gain

float SpeexStereoState::smooth_right

Smoothed right channel gain

float SpeexStereoState::reserved1

Reserved for future use

float SpeexStereoState::reserved2

Reserved for future use

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