SpeexBits Struct Reference
[SpeexBits: Bit-stream manipulations]

#include <speex_bits.h>

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Public Attributes

char * chars
int nbBits
int charPtr
int bitPtr
int owner
int overflow
int buf_size
int reserved1
void * reserved2

Detailed Description

Bit-packing data structure representing (part of) a bit-stream.

Member Data Documentation

char* SpeexBits::chars

"raw" data

int SpeexBits::nbBits

Total number of bits stored in the stream

int SpeexBits::charPtr

Position of the byte "cursor"

int SpeexBits::bitPtr

Position of the bit "cursor" within the current char

int SpeexBits::owner

Does the struct "own" the "raw" buffer (member "chars")

int SpeexBits::overflow

Set to one if we try to read past the valid data

int SpeexBits::buf_size

Allocated size for buffer

int SpeexBits::reserved1

Reserved for future use

void* SpeexBits::reserved2

Reserved for future use

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