SpeexJitter: Adaptive jitter buffer specifically for Speex


struct  SpeexJitter


void speex_jitter_init (SpeexJitter *jitter, void *decoder, int sampling_rate)
void speex_jitter_destroy (SpeexJitter *jitter)
void speex_jitter_put (SpeexJitter *jitter, char *packet, int len, int timestamp)
void speex_jitter_get (SpeexJitter *jitter, spx_int16_t *out, int *start_offset)
int speex_jitter_get_pointer_timestamp (SpeexJitter *jitter)

Detailed Description

This is the jitter buffer that reorders UDP/RTP packets and adjusts the buffer size to maintain good quality and low latency. This is a simplified version that works only with Speex, but is much easier to use.

Function Documentation

void speex_jitter_destroy ( SpeexJitter jitter  ) 

Destroy jitter buffer

void speex_jitter_get ( SpeexJitter jitter,
spx_int16_t *  out,
int *  start_offset 

Get one packet from the jitter buffer

int speex_jitter_get_pointer_timestamp ( SpeexJitter jitter  ) 

Get pointer timestamp of jitter buffer

void speex_jitter_init ( SpeexJitter jitter,
void *  decoder,
int  sampling_rate 

Initialise jitter buffer

jitter State of the Speex jitter buffer
decoder Speex decoder to call
sampling_rate Sampling rate used by the decoder

void speex_jitter_put ( SpeexJitter jitter,
char *  packet,
int  len,
int  timestamp 

Put one packet into the jitter buffer

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